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Also, to any schmuck that wants to say they do it for more rake.Online poker sites are the only multinational, billion dollar businesses that can get away with this kind of blatant fraud.The only way a low stack can beat a high stack all in is either with two live lower cards or have them completely and utterly dominated.Just closed my account at Pa.rty poker after the following hands in a matter of 20 minutes.He holds a degree in journalism and previously worked as a reporter for a Chicago-based newspaper.I would imagine there is more to it but I sometimes get the feeling that it plays a part.

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The added benefit of playing from home on my own hours further encouraged me to look back into online play.reddit: the front page of the internet. People think all online sites are rigged. Psychologically, it is pretty easy to think that based on 2 factors.One possibility is that they earn more money, when the player rebuys again or buys-in on another tournament.The point here is that the odds on this happening must be ridiculously high.

Winning players can read RNG cos they have software knowledge.I honestly believe that in the mean time, the powers that be at pokerstars are donating as much as they can possibly get away with to Russia.These hands happened over the space of about 3 hours, I had a couple of decent hands that got me a few chips, nothing huge though and did my usual bluffing when the time was right.Think about is not in any poker sites interest for any player to withdraw money.

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The site denied any foul play and things could have very well ended there if the software had not glitched.

Had to set up a few bluffs to keep my chip stack up as a result of only having 2 hands in 3 and half bloody hours.Eventually push all-in with 55 and two guys call, both with aces and obviously hit one of only 2 aces in the deck.The key-element to poker is that it has a coincidence factor that no-one or thing can controll.I have heard that some of the online poker rooms are "rigged". Is this true?. Online Poker rooms card distribution is a totally. could that be true?.By the way I have taken screen shots of the above three hands and more besides if there is anyway I can show them.A step further in that direction came from another YouTube video poster whose collage of bad beats occurred against PokerStars Team Pros.One example from a multi table tournament: When there are two players going all-in, most of the time the higher stack wins.

I originally deposited over 10 years ago because I loved poker, but play chips were too easy, no challenge and just like bingo.

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Players have been debating for years whether or not everything is on the up and up when it comes to online poker, with much of the conversation on poker forums focused on PokerStars.Why would you want to let that idiot win, when he wants to lose to your AA or other monsterhand.In all the stories and the statistics Oh no Wait there were no statistics supporting the rigged train of thought were there.The gambling and gaming commission and regulators take a much more relaxed stance over there.All you shitty players going on and on about how it is rigged.

But if there are complaints about the games feeling different than live.I started 3betting, 4betting, even 5 betting 2-5 off suit and hitting trips, going all in with a gut shot on the turn and hitting it, playing 10-2 suited and bluffing with air only to crack aces with runner runner flush.It sure seems that way, but probably only because so many more hands are played per hour due to automatic card dealing and the ability to multi-table.My top poker picks for getting a real-money instant bonus,. The top 4 instant poker bonus sites that give players. Although this is far from true in most.Contributed it to being a bad play which I admit at the time I was.

Online software is rigged so everyone will eventually be wrecked, not just the bad or unlucky players.So you can see, I was not nickel and dime wana-be player, I played in stakes that the average none professional would consider extremely challenging on a financial basis.Save the histories of ghost accounts which disappear from the poker world after swallowing a chunk of your bankroll.Or they just use house players(superusers), or named pros, probably both.Well i was on carbon since PS went down,I amnot a pro,but ive played poker for over 40 yrs.holdem for around 10.The 2 same suited cards with cards that support a str8 in the flops is the oldest stacked deck trick thats been used for 100s of years.A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.

If there is money to be made from something, and it can be done, then guaranteed somebody is doing it.And have a solid bankroll management, always have put aside money when he is running bad and always seem to be one step ahead of everybody and constantly improving his game everyday.This is a terrible thing to happen to poker. 100,000 of players thinking each other is a player, and if cheating was happening it would be something simple to see like 5 kings dealt in one hand, or a player dealt nothing but pocket aces.

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Well the response I received was which I believe is a companywide standard statement is that according to their analysis were those variances on the amount of suck-outs fell within the normal range of hands.

So lets say if u have AsKs, just look the previous hands on that table, if ur 2 cards has been dealt previously, u will have more odds to win.Anyone else notice Islidur1 (blom) saying on TV ya I put 15 sousand svedish krona on stars zen i had 2 million 3 weeks later zen 11 million.Tell them we want poker but we want clean poker and a fair game.Posting singled-out bad beat stories and cursing the system on blogs and forums, however, will never solve anything.Very short run of luck followed by long spell of absolute bullshit.What percent of internet Bitcoin poker is Luck vs Skill?. BAN K AC COU NT B AS ED B LOC KCH AIN. it's 75% luck & 25% skill since most online poker is rigged.Our Top Ranked USA Online Poker Sites. Top Poker Sites. Rank. Poker Site. Payment Grade. America’s Cardroom and True Poker are two of the biggest US poker sites.

A number of those players have made their accusations a matter of public record, hoping to either alert others to the alleged scam or to get similar feedback from fellow players who also feel that PokerStars is rigged.So is it true? All users will need to merge their Minecraft. Is Zynga Poker rigged? #1 May 26, 2012. ChaosGuardian. ChaosGuardian. View User Profile View Posts.I even tested out my theory by playing like a donk in situations that would gaurentee me a loser in live play.Controversy over whether the USA should allow online poker sites to operate have centered largely on the validity of whether online poker sites are rigged. The.I wonder if people consider that the variances and bad beats happen more often online than in live poker because online poker plays about 40x more hands per hour.Im a winning player in online poker because I know its rigged.

You will no doubt be very tempted to play good poker, but resist, because as soon as you do start playing good poker, you will be flagged as a good player, and the bad beats will start piling up.Online poker players who suffer bad beats at PokerStars. the percentages of how many times a hand should win against another hand hold true. Is PokerStars rigged?.

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If this is all true,. If you want to make an argument that online poker is rigged, at least make it a good one. All I see here is irrationality and paranoia.Home Articles Instead of asking if online poker is rigged. Instead of asking if online poker is. After a long hiatus, I deposited $300 on True Poker.

Not using 4 board cards, and 1 pocket card. their use to be a difference between NH, and just a lucky hand, or a hand that wins.These sites and the companies that are behind them are as shady and unregulated as it gets being deliberately set up in offshore heavens.This all after I transfered my bankroll from full tilt because the suckouts were absolutely disgusting and as usual, all too frequent.So, I think I am defintely done with online again, for a while at least.