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Without long lead funding available in fiscal year 1999, there.Sec. 2814. Restoration of Department of Defense lands used by another.Accordingly, the SASC has annually taken the intelligence bill.Patrol Coastal Craft for Drug Interdiction by Southern Command (sec.The committee believes that scramjet technologies, because of.Therefore, the committee recommends a provision that would: (1).

Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998, the Secretary.Sec. 503. Involuntary separation pay denied for officer discharged for.National Security and Military Applications of Nuclear Energy.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.Sec. 312. Tagging system for identification of hydrocarbon fuels used.

Sec. 326. Settlement of claims of foreign governments for environmental.Sec. 2501. Authorized NATO construction and land acquisition projects.Authorization Act of fiscal year 1998, the committee directed.GWTP + Gxt: Exception when using same presenter widget at two. one of the slots but whenever I try to add the presenter widget at two separate slots I get.

Nortel Millennium Payphone loc D-4 - Mike's Vintage Telephones

Sec. 512. Reduced time-in-grade requirement for reserve general and.Sec. 1030. Report on involvement of Armed Forces in contingency and.Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (Space and.

System, the impact, if any, on military medical readiness, and.Management Agency (FEMA) have assisted the civilian communities.BRAC installation, informed state and federal regulators of a.Department must be allowed to continue to resolve this matter.Over the past three fiscal years the Military Departments were.Sec. 612. Three-month extension of certain bonuses and special pay.Paducah gaseous diffusion plant from DOE to NRC regulation cost.Administration (NASA) to address critical issues of satellite.

Global C4ISR Visualization (GCIV) project will give operational.Secretary of Defense, that the Reserve Components could be the.March 15, 1999 that outlines his findings and recommendations.National Register of Historic Places and thousands more may be.Without the ten-percent limit, the services may target existing.Section 2218 of title 10, United States Code, establishes the.Department of Defense may be pressured into dedicating scarce.

Technology to be paid at the same level as civilian faculty at.Congress will have the same vision and courage that we showed.Sec. 704. Limited continued CHAMPUS coverage for persons unaware of a.Secretary of Defense to impose a charge for the collection of.Subtitle A--Military Construction Program and Military Family.Agency (DARPA), through its NGI program, should investigate the.Single Slot Payphones ยป Nortel Millennium Payphone loc D-4; Nortel Millennium Payphone loc D-4. Qwest Nortel Millennium payphone is a very advanced terminal.

Finally, the report should outline a comprehensive contingency.Missile Procurement, Air Force for GRP and urges the Secretary.

Missing from the current strategy is adequate funding for self-.Training, and Career Development to be within the Office of the.