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The first Weapon Tuning, Lightning, is available in the Plunderer Pack which launches alongside Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder.I think the only people that think it makes sense to give more free stuff to F2P players are the entitled crowd that only want free stuff.A spreadsheet of craftable item modifications in SWTOR, for your custom-gear needs.Crew Skills is the SWTOR blog. you can equip bound items to your companions. though, orange/gold still means “no innate stats, but with all mod slots open.I was just referring to his statement about all items from the packs being in collections.As I said you DO NOT know for a FACT they will be super rare.However I feel like this is going to be another money sink ploy, where there will be a drop once in three hypercrate and goes on the GTN for 40 mil.

Are mods from level 60 commendation gear freely transferable between. but they were "bound" to the equipment slot. Browse other questions tagged star-wars-the.Therefore they give more use to armstech and make even more money on the CM by selling mats.My main job is serving you all tea and biscuits and making sure Oxygen tanks are filled and ready for when you all laugh uncontrollably every meeting.

SWTOR Armor and Weapons Modding Guide by Criminall This a. Purple gear has only 2 slots a Mod slot and a. SWTOR Armor and Weapons Modding Guide SWTOR New.You will need to buy 1 for each weapon you want the effect applied to at the same time.

This may be a noobish question, but how do you create that lightsaber flourish the consular is doing in the above picture.You dont have to play the game to aquire most of the good looking armor.

Even more so for it if Bioware has nothing to do with a new SWTOR MMO.They want F2P players to have to spend money somewhere, giving F2P players extra stuff is the opposite of making a profit.I like the idea but I rather have the manpower put to use to fix bugs that existed for 4 years.I will miss playing a Star Wars game but this game is done so wrong in so many ways.

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Just judge the game yourself, if you like it, spend more time in the game.When you get to Odessan you even get a BoL weapon for your class.Augment Slot Guide. The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR. To add an augment slot to an item now will require you to use the Item Modification.Somehow I got an idea that one day there will be the Furious Effect available just renamed.

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SWTOR Augment Slots Guide. SWTOR Slots. The augment slots. You can also refer to the Item Modification Tables which are located at different stations.The community is really quite welcoming and friendly, but the internet forums are a different matter.

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I just came back into this game just yesterday from months of being away.New Media Items Go to Media. RSS. 08.24.2017 Travel to a dark new Star Wars planet and uncover a deadly traitor seeking to throw the galaxy back into war!.Thats actually a good idea that is still largely in BWs favor.Crew Skills is the SWTOR blog about crafting, companions,. Moddable gear is equipment that can be improved by adding item modifications to specific “slots”.That is the true victory achievable by winning the real game that is the SWTOR economy, and it allows you to do as you wish without needing Cartel Coins at all.That was the reason for creating SWTOR in the first place: to earn money.

2 minute Tutorial on applying armor/weapon mods for SWTOR. for Bane Guild Most of the items in SWTOR. If an item has the maximum number of mod-slots,.

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They claim to be on our side, yet they make no attempts at balancing player satisfaction with profit.Apparently its a lot of people because they are still making more of them.1.3 Augments: How to Add Augment Slots to Gear. depending on the item level or the level of the augment,. Try out Star Wars inspired slots for free at Juegos.The player base went stupid over it and he got promoted from stamp licker to an exec.

When you first associate the security key with your SWTOR account you will be asked to enter the serial number of the key.Ok, i wonder how some of this effect gonna look on my cathar.Granted the coolest BoL weapons were from early seasons of PvP.

As CraigMitchell somewhat gracelessly said, the game is considered non-cannon.A guide to the best in slot gear for all SWTOR classes. Features a table of stats for enhancements in PvE/PvP gear for all SWTOR classes. Updated to Patch 4.0.